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June 19, 2020

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Seafood Helped Prehistoric People Migrate out of Africa

A study has examined fossil reefs near to the now-submerged Red Sea shorelines that marked prehistoric migratory routes from Africa to Arabia. The findings suggest this coast offered the resources ...
New research sheds light on guinea pig domestication and how and why the small, furry animals became distributed around ...

Radiocarbon Dating Pins Date for Construction of Uyghur Complex to the Year 777

Dating archaeological objects precisely is difficult, even when using techniques such as radiocarbon dating. Using a recently developed method, based ...

DNA Increases Our Understanding of Contact Between Stone Age Cultures

What kind of interactions did the various Stone Age cultures have with one another? In a new interdisciplinary study, researchers have combined archaeological and genetic information to better ...
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Geometry Guided Construction of Earliest Known Temple, Built 6,000 Years Before Stonehenge

Researchers have now used architectural analysis to discover that geometry informed the layout of Göbekli Tepe's impressive round stone structures and enormous assembly of limestone pillars, ...

Beer Was Here! A New Microstructural Marker for Malting in the Archaeological Record

A new method for reliably identifying the presence of beer or other malted foodstuffs in archaeological finds is described in a new ...

During Tough Times, Ancient 'Tourists' Sought Solace in Florida Oyster Feasts

More than a thousand years ago, people from across the Southeast regularly traveled to a small island on Florida's Gulf Coast to bond over oysters, likely as a means of coping with climate ...

Archaeologists Verify Florida's Mound Key as Location of Elusive Spanish Fort

Florida and Georgia archaeologists have discovered the location of Fort San Antón de Carlos, home of one of the first Jesuit missions in North America. The Spanish fort was built in 1566 in the ...

The Origin of Feces: coproID Reliably Predicts Sources of Ancient Scat

The archaeological record is littered with feces, a potential goldmine for insights into ancient health and diet, parasite evolution, and the ecology and evolution of the microbiome. The main problem ...

Revolutionary New Method for Dating Pottery Sheds New Light on Prehistoric Past

A team has developed a new method to date archaeological pottery using fat residues remaining in the pot wall from cooking. The method means prehistoric pottery can be dated with remarkable accuracy, ...

Earliest Humans in the Amazon Created Thousands of 'Forest Islands' as They Tamed Wild Plants

The earliest human inhabitants of the Amazon created thousands of artificial forest islands as they tamed wild plants to grow food, a new study ...

Societal Transformations and Resilience in Arabia Across 12,000 Years of Climate Change

Recent archaeological and paleoenvironmental research in the Arabian Peninsula shows a range of societal responses to a series of extreme climatic and environmental fluctuations over thousands of ...

Mesoamerican Copper Smelting Technology Aided Colonial Weaponry

Spanish conquerors depended on indigenous expertise to keep up their munitions supplies, archaeologists have ...

Maize, Not Metal, Key to Native Settlements' History in NY

New research is producing a more accurate historical timeline for the occupation of Native American sites in upstate New York, based on radiocarbon dating of organic materials and statistical ...

Sticky Tape: A Key Ingredient for Mapping Artifact Origins

Researchers have demonstrated that combining a highly sensitive sulfur analysis technique with simple sulfur-free tape is an effective and harmless way to test extremely small samples of vermilion ...

Cosmic Impact Caused Destruction of One of World's Earliest Human Settlements

Before the Taqba Dam impounded the Euphrates River in northern Syria in the 1970s, an archaeological site named Abu Hureyra bore witness to the moment ancient nomadic people first settled down and ...

Wild Boars Provide Archaeologists With Clues to Early Domestication

Using the wild boar as a model, a team of scientists have shown that a life spent in captivity has an identifiable effect on the shape of the calcaneus, a tarsal bone that plays a propulsive role in ...

How Millets Sustained Mongolia's Empires

Researchers examined stable isotopes from bone collagen and dental enamel to reconstruct the diets of ancient Mongolians. Findings challenge the popular notion of a completely nomadic prehistoric ...

Big Data Could Yield Big Discoveries in Archaeology

Centuries of archaeological research on the Inca Empire has netted a veritable library of knowledge. But new digital and data-driven projects are proving that there is much more to discover about ...

Human Populations Survived the Toba Volcanic Super-Eruption 74,000 Years Ago

Researchers present evidence that Middle Palaeolithic tool-users were present in India before and after the Toba super-eruption 74,000 years ago. The findings support arguments that Homo sapiens was ...

Dog Domestication During Ice Age

Analysis of Paleolithic-era teeth from a 28,500-year-old fossil site in the Czech Republic provides supporting evidence for two groups of canids -- one dog-like and the other wolf-like - with ...

Ancient Plant Foods Discovered in Arnhem Land, Australia

The new study includes the earliest evidence of Homo sapiens use of plant foods outside Africa and the Middle ...

5200-Year-Old Grains in the Eastern Altai Mountains Redate Trans-Eurasian Crop Exchange

Cereals from the Fertile Crescent and broomcorn millet from northern China spread across the ancient world, integrating into complex farming systems that used crop-rotation cycles enabled by the ...

Oral Traditions and Volcanic Eruptions in Australia

In Australia, the onset of human occupation (about 65,000 years ago?) and dispersion across the continent are the subjects of intense debate and are critical to understanding global human migration ...

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